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UPMC Italy

UPMC is constantly growing and expanding operations to better meet the needs of our international patients. We achieve this by utilizing the newest technology, working with thought leaders in various fields and collaborating between our centers of excellence.

Our Italian facilities are located in Rome and Sicily, where we provide the highest quality oncology and transplantation services in the region.


The Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad Alta Specializzazione (ISMETT) is a public-private partnership between UPMC and the Region of Sicily. ISMETT, located in Palermo, has become one of the leading organ transplant centers in the country.

Prior to ISMETT’s opening in 1996, the Mediterranean region didn’t have extensive access to liver transplantation services. Now, more than 1,000 procedures have been performed, and the facility’s one-year survival rate for liver transplant recipients is amongthe highest in the country and in the EU.

Beyond transplantation, ISMETT’s specialists make use of medical therapy, endoscopy, surgery, and radiological treatments as alternatives for treating end-stage organ failure.

UPMC San Pietro FBF Advanced Radiotherapy Center

The Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Center of Excellence in Rome has technology that provides some of the most precise, fast, and noninvasive radiation treatment currently available.

The center offers stereotactic radiosurgery with the Novalis TrueBeam STx system, which is ideal for difficult-to-treat, or otherwise untreatable, tumors and other abnormal masses.

San Pietro FBF is home to Rome's only TrueBeam technology. This is the same equipment used at some UPMC locations in the United States.

The center also utilizes real-time telemedicine so physicians can contact experts at the other UPMC campuses. This improves your treatment by allowing our physicians to collaborate, view images and monitor your progress.

UPMC’s Italian facilities have some of the most advanced technologies and benefit from the intellectual capital of the entire Global Care model. The exceptional services provided by UPMC in Rome is just one more way we accomplish our mission of providing the highest quality, most convenient treatment to each of our patients.