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What could be more patient-centric than health care when you want it, where you want it? Telemedicine is an integral part of UPMC Global Care, offering patients and physicians access to care and specialists around the clock, so that international physicians can receive clinical support they need and patients can receive rapid, convenient access to advanced care.

Through UPMC Global Care, patients and physicians in outlying locations can access specialty care at any UPMC facility around the world in real time for:

  • Teleconsults and Second Opinions: UPMC physicians and specialists consult with physicians at distant sites around the world by telemedicine to support physicians or provide second opinions. UPMC Global Care assists hospitals and patients with second opinions, including surgical decisions and planning.
  • Teledermatology: Photographs, patient history information, and other supporting data can be transmitted to help dermatologists assess patients' conditions.
  • TeleICU: UPMC physicians can guide and supervise inpatient intensive care.
  • Telepathology: Pathology slides can be transmitted from remote locations to UPMC pathologists for review and second opinions.
  • Teleradiology: UPMC radiologists can interpret CT, MRI, and other advanced radiology examinations.
  • Telestroke: UPMC physicians can help evaluate patients and determine the need for stroke treatment.
  • Advanced Radiation Planning: Telemedicine supports intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and enables clinics to offer leading-edge radiotherapy by providing remote treatment planning and consultation services and supporting training and protocols.
  • Home Health Monitoring: UPMC nurses can monitor patients remotely using in-home equipment.

In addition, telementoring and other support services from UPMC benefit international communities. Telemedicine removes geographical restrictions and improves access so that UPMC physicians at U.S. and international facilities can share their skills and knowledge with physicians in communities around the world. As a leader in global medicine and telemedicine technology, UPMC is poised to provide seamless virtual care and remain at the forefront of telemedicine technology, changing models of health care delivery.