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For Physicians

At UPMC Global Care, we strive to make every phase of health care consultation and delivery convenient for those who refer their patients to us. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with physicians and hospitals around the world and offer a streamlined process designed specifically with the needs of international referring physicians and embassies in mind.


UPMC Global Care experts are available to field physicians' inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are happy to communicate via email, phone, or videoconferencing. Whether physicians need consultations, second opinions, or to admit a patient to one of our U.S. or international facilities, we ensure clear and concise communication throughout the continuum of care. From pre-admission through post-discharge follow-up, we establish open channels of communication among you, your patient, the patient's family members, and members of the UPMC Global Care team.


Once UPMC Global Care has been made aware of a patient's situation, we will assemble a team of clinical and administrative experts to consult with you, evaluate the case, and determine the best course of treatment. Our patient-centered approach takes into consideration providing the appropriate advanced care as close to home as possible, which might mean use of telemedicine capabilities or admission of the patient to one of our U.S. or regional facilities.


We will respond promptly with a proposal for care delivery to ensure that patients can be cared for in a timely manner. Our proposal will detail the care plan, provide a single price for all medical services, and address any other requests for information.


Once important decisions have been made regarding a patient's condition, the type of care required, and the destination, UPMC Global Care will assist with all travel arrangements and help to secure visas or other necessary travel documents. Our hospitality program ensures that patients and their family members remain comfortable throughout their stay at any of our UPMC facilities. If a patient is receiving virtual care, UPMC Global Care will coordinate transfer and translation of medical documentation and images.

Ongoing Communication

The UPMC Global Care team stays in constant contact with referring physicians, providing routine updates on the patient's progress. We also field any questions that arise during the treatment process and provide answers from qualified members of our treatment teams. A single point of contact on the UPMC Global Care team coordinates all communications.

Post-discharge Follow-up

The UPMC Global Care team will maintain contact with referring physicians after the patient is discharged to provide updates on recovery progress and potential next steps in treatment or post-discharge care. Patients can receive follow-up care as necessary at UPMC regional facilities closer to their homes or through use of telemedicine technology. In addition to carefully coordinating referral for individual patients, UPMC's global approach to health care delivery includes telementoring and knowledge transfer through a growing network of physicians, hospitals, and embassies around the world. We're improving wellness for the broader international community.