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Patient Stories

UPMC Global Care connects patients from around the world to the experienced specialists and leading clinical resources at UPMC. Below are the stories of some of our international patients. From seeking medical care, to persevering through treatment and returning home to live healthy, productive lives with their families—each patient has a unique story to share.

Suad Aber, Her family was the first to notice something was wrong. Suad Aber’s face was pale and doctors later said her liver enzymes were elevated. She started accumulating fluid in her belly, was having difficulty walking, and experienced coughing and shortness of breath.

Kwesi Aguillera, Each year, UPMC Global Care works with patients from around the world to bring them to Pittsburgh to receive top-quality health care for complex medical cases. Some patients make a quick decision to come to UPMC for newly-discovered diseases that have been diagnosed. For others, their journeys to Pittsburgh are the results of battling lifelong illnesses.

Alberto Botta, In the 1970s, Alberto Botta, a successful entrepreneur from Italy, was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a disease that has negative effects on the portion of the kidney that filters blood. Alberto battled this disease for 10 years before receiving year-long dialysis treatments.

Rebeka Radic and her family first noticed something wrong three years ago. Rebeka experienced severe headaches that soon became a part of her daily life. Her family took her to a hospital in their home country of Croatia in a search of answers. After many different tests, the last to be performed was an MRI that revealed Rebeka had a rare tumor of the skull base called a clival chordoma. It would require surgery.