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Features and Benefits of UPMC Global Care

With today's technology, there are fewer barriers than ever to how people communicate, do business, or provide health care around the world. UPMC Global Care is leading the way in transforming how we practice medicine globally by providing regional care and telemedicine services.

Benefits Features: Regional Care Features: Telemedicine
Convenience UPMC Global Care's administrative experts are available to quickly help health care providers around the world coordinate access to leading-edge medical care when and where patients need it. The Global Care team remains in touch from the first point of contact through follow-up.


Using state-of-the art telemedicine, specialists can consult with physicians to support care in a patient's community or receive the information they need before seeing a patient. UPMC offers advanced care at several regional programs outside the United States, so if patients must leave home because advanced care is not available near them, many can travel shorter distances to a regional UPMC facility for high-level medical expertise.
High Quality Whether a patient receives radiosurgery or transplant care at a UPMC regional hospital, or travels to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to UPMC, the patient is ensured the same commitment to clinical and academic excellence.
With UPMC Global Care's telemedicine capabilities, patients and physicians can access specialists from any U.S. or regional UPMC program.
Patient Focused Providing care closer to home is just one way that UPMC Global Care provides patient-centered care. Quick responses, concierge and translation services, and home monitoring and follow-up focus on the patient. These services are available across the continuum of care no matter which UPMC facility patients travel to around the globe. With UPMC's Global Care, communities benefit beyond teleconsultations. Telemedicine can fill gaps in local access, and telementoring and partnership activities help strengthen local physicians' skills. The range of services UPMC provides can positively impact the health care of a region.
State-of-the-Art UPMC continues to be a leader in clinical and information technology. Our stereotactic radiosurgery center in Rome is one of the only radiosurgery centers in the region. UPMC's recognition as a leader in many clinical services such as transplantation, orthopedics, and radiation therapy extends beyond U.S. borders. UPMC's telemedicine platform is a state-of-the art system that eliminates traditional constraints. UPMC Global Care is committed to investing in telemedicine technology and infrastructure.
Cost-Effective Receiving care at any of UPMC's regional facilities helps to contain costs without compromising care. By offering access to specialists via telemedicine, UPMC Global Care can help communities around the world fill gaps in health care services virtually, physicians, patients, and embassies can turn to UPMC. A single, packaged price includes all stages of care, and UPMC Global Care staff helps work out the best possible pricing arrangement with a streamlined invoicing system.