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Payment Structure for UPMC Global Care Services

UPMC Global Care takes a flexible, individualized approach to caring for patients and assisting physicians and embassies. We use this same approach with our payment structure. Our competitive costs are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the types of services a patient receives.

To keep it simple for physicians, patients, and embassies, UPMC Global Care bundles the cost into one single price that incorporates the charges for all stages and types of care a patient has received, including follow-up.

We provide physicians or foreign embassies with a single invoice, which minimizes recordkeeping and billing work. This is particularly helpful when a patient receives care over an extended period of time.

We also offer competitive pricing for telemedicine services to physicians and hospitals on a per-case basis or annual fee basis. Physicians can access the expertise of UPMC specialists at our U.S. and international facilities with consultation, second opinion, and telementoring services.

Competitive and bundle payment solutions and single invoicing: It's all  part of UPMC Global Care's efforts to streamline the experience, centering efforts on fostering accountable patient care that is consistent, convenient, and effective, and on ensuring physicians are informed every step of the way.