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Hospitality Services for UPMC Global Care Patients
and Families

The last thing you should have to worry about when you are receiving health care away from home is logistics.

At UPMC Global Care, we believe you should concentrate on your health needs instead of where you will stay or how you will get around. For that reason, we provide a wide range of hospitality services at all of our locations to make your care seamless.

From the moment you choose UPMC until the time you return home, we can assist with all aspects of your healthcare journey.

Before Arrival

Before you even begin treatment at UPMC, our team of professionals will help coordinate referrals from your physicians to UPMC. We will also introduce you to your clinical care provider, review your records, provide a payment plan, and start formulating a treatment plan before you arrive at the hospital.

Hospitality Coordinator

Your Hospitality Coordinator will assist you with all of your non-medical needs before you arrive at the hospital. Coordinators are available 24 hours a day to ease your transition from home to hospital. Hospitality Coordinators work with you to finalize travel, housing, and interpretation assistance. At each of our hospitals, this person will be your main Global Care contact. Their goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

They can help you with services including:

  • Escorting you to medical appointments
  • Banking
  • Finding entertainment in the area

Patient Finance Coordinator

UPMC’s Patient Finance Coordinator will help you manage the financial aspects of your care. Our goal is to provide you with a clear, simple financial plan for our services. Our Financial Coordinator will help you understand and navigate our billing and payment system.

This person will also assist you when dealing with your:

  • Sponsoring organization
  • Insurance company
  • Government or embassy office
  • Military office

Visa and Travel Coordination

We will help you prepare for your trip to UPMC by providing you with a medical acceptance letter. This note is part of the portfolio you will take to the consulate when you have your visa interview. UPMC will also create a smooth, worry-free journey by assisting with transportation. After your flight, we will provide transportation from the airport to your lodging near our hospital.

Housing and Recreation

Finding somewhere to stay in an unfamiliar city where you may not speak the language can be a stressful experience. UPMC Global Care will help you find safe and convenient lodging near any of our sites. Our Hospitality Coordinators will provide a list of temporary, non-hotel lodging options for you and your family while receiving treatment. We will help determine a good location for your needs and help you finalize your reservations. To make your stay as simple and enjoyable as possible, we will also provide recommendations for dining, recreation, and any other needs while in the area.

Translation Services

In order to provide the best possible healthcare, UPMC will ensure clear communication between you, your health care provider and your care team. Our multilingual translator, often your Hospitality Coordinator, will offer translation services for you and family members during medical appointments or when completing documentation. This person will also act as a cultural liaison so we can understand your expectations and how they will impact your care.

Dietary and Religious Support

When you are far from home and undergoing medical treatment, following your normal routines and customs can be comforting. UPMC Global Care’s Hospitality Coordinators will help arrange menus that respect your cultural, religious or dietary needs. We will also provide a listing of local places of worship for support during your care.


UPMC Global Care offers online CarePages to track your care for family and friends. The Web pages are created before you arrive. You or your Hospitality Coordinator can use our high-speed, wireless Internet to post updates, progress reports, or photographs. Your loved ones receive an alert when you post something and can respond to offer support and encouragement during your stay.