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UPMC’s transplantation health care professionals understand that each patient is unique, and each one deserves high-quality treatment.

Experienced in Advanced Techniques

For over 30 years, UPMC transplant programs have improved the health of thousands of patients from countries around the world. Our unique combination of surgical excellence, exceptional nursing care, and technologically advanced treatment methods allows UPMC transplant patients to overcome a variety of difficult conditions and return to productive lives. UPMC’s lifelong patient management program helps ensure their lives remain as healthy as possible for many years.

UPMC’s transplantation experts routinely perform many types of transplants, including:

The Most Experienced Transplantation Center

UPMC has led the field of transplantation since 1981. Our surgeons have performed more than 17,000 transplants at UPMC Presbyterian and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, and have made UPMC the largest transplant center in the world. Along the way, UPMC doctors have made significant advances in organ procurement and organ donation practices. UPMC’s outstanding research and clinical teams have also developed treatment approaches that allow some patients to avoid transplantation altogether.

Those who need transplants can feel confident that UPMC specialists have the experience to ensure the best surgical outcomes. UPMC surgeons perform more types of organ transplants than at any other institution, including complex and combined transplant surgeries such as heart and lung, kidney and pancreas, and pediatric intestine and liver procedures.

UPMC doctors are very knowledgeable about the latest anti-rejection therapies that can allow patients to return to their normal lives after a transplant with fewer restrictions. Our transplantation specialists are also experts in the many successful treatment options that are available when a transplant is not possible.

World-Renowned Transplant Treatment for Every Patient

For more than 10 years, UPMC has provided successful, comprehensive transplantation services to the Mediterranean basin. Working in partnership with the Region of Sicily to manage and operate the Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad Alta Specializzazione (ISMETT), an organ transplant center in Palermo, Italy, UPMC teams have performed more than 1,000 transplants and have set the standard for successfully delivering exceptional care in the Mediterranean basin and around the world.

UPMC also has a collaboration with the Asian American Medical Group in Singapore to operate a Comprehensive Transplant Centre, which specializes in transplant immunology, transplants, infectious diseases and intensive care of immune-suppressed patients in Asia and around the world.

No matter where they operate, UPMC’s experienced, dedicated medical professionals offer each patient exceptional care. And our lifelong patient management program helps patients stay healthy after the transplant.