Welcome to Pittsburgh – UPMC’s Hometown

Pittsburgh is a vibrant city nestled in the Allegheny Mountains at the concourse of the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela rivers. With roots in the steel industry, Pittsburgh has reinvented itself over the last 30 years into a hub of innovation, earning a reputation as one of the United States’ “most livable” cities.

Once a center for the production of steel, iron, and glass, Pittsburgh is now a pioneering leader in:

  • Medicine and health care
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Software engineering
  • Education
  • Finance

As with anyone’s hometown, UPMC takes great pride in being able to give back. In the most recent fiscal year, UPMC contributed $1.4 billion in benefits to its communities and we have a long history of partnering with local organizations and educational institutions, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh, to increase the quality of life for Pittsburgh residents and beyond.

Many other international companies, such as Uber and Google, recognize Pittsburgh’s potential and have opened offices in the city over the last decade. Various successful start-up companies, including language learning mobile app Duolingo, also got their start in Pittsburgh.

The city also has a thriving cultural and restaurant scene, professional sports teams, and an abundance of natural beauty. Whether visitors consider themselves to be history buffs, tech gurus, sports fans, foodies, artists, or outdoor lovers, Pittsburgh has something for everyone. To learn more, visit VisitPittsburgh.com.

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